Single Pigment Masterbatches

Colorplas manufactures Single Pigment Concentrates - SPCs which contain high loads of organic and inorganic pigments. These Single Pigment Concentrates are fully dispersed using high-quality additives to ensure optimum color and achieve cost-efficiency. The excellent pigment dispersion ensures quick and homogenous dispersion of the color in the chosen polymer imparting maximum color strength and consistent color reproducibility. As a result no further dispersion is required, which minimizes processing costs. Single Pigment Concentrates are available in various resins such as PET, PBT, PP, and PE.


  • Compounding/Masterbatches : They can be used as a replacement for powder pigments, providing a dust-free solution with easier handling capability
  • Fibers for Textiles, Carpets, and Upholstery : A manufacturer can make any combination of two or more concentrates and produce an exclusive range of colors as desired by him.
  • Many Other Applications

Product Highlights

  • High color strength
  • Excellent dispersion, with low FPV values
  • Dust Free Environment
  • Lot-to-lot consistent quality of end product